Google is still a million miles away

According to Larry page, Google search is a million miles away from where he wants it.  I have to agree with him.   If you were to look down the road another 20 years, the search engine that we know of today is not going to be recognizable.

It’s going to be a whole different ball game 50 years from now – and then so on and so on. 100 years from now is going to be mind-blowing. It’s funny how we think that we have it good. How often times we are lost in the delusion of today. How easy we forget that we are advancing at an incredible pace.

I often find myself using the roaring 20s as my wake-up call. I try to put myself back in someone’s shoes during that time period. Think of what they had, where they were as a society at that point. Then try to think if there was anyway possible that I could think of what the world would be like 95 years later. Did they ever think we would have autonomous cars, glasses that have more knowledge packed into them than the Library of Congress, or the ability to see and talk to someone from a device you pull out of your pocket?

What will it be like 95 years from now for Google?