Deposit and Payment Schedule

I work hard at what I do. I deliver results and ask that my clients do as well. This is a trust based relationship. And, make no mistakes about it, it is a relationship. Please don’t consider purchasing a website like you would a refrigerator… walking right up to it and asking “how much is this one?” Web sites are uniquely different.

[ut_alert color=”themecolor”] Deposit and advance payments are perfectly normal and accepted in this industry – please do your own homework or conduct your own research if you have any doubt [/ut_alert] .

In addition, if you have any hesitation or reservations about the payment scheduled laid out here – please feel free to contact me.

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For those of you that throw trust to the wind: please review the below options, but note that the buyer (you) will have to absorb any transaction fees that these services charge.  I am registered with both of these Escrow services as:


escrow provides a service to dispurse funds once certain milestones are reached.

Please be aware that charges a flat fee of $25 or 3.25% of the total fee up to $5000USD – buyer is responsible for paying any fees associated with the escrow service, as you are the one requesting it. This is an expensive way of making your deposit and payment, but if you need the “peace-of-mind” then it’s a solution for you.