Glassholes among us

Google’s Glass has a lot of potential. It can fundamentally change a lot in how we see the world, interact with it, and learn from it.

I equate it kind of to the first Walkman that came out. Those that aren’t old enough won’t know the sensation they caused. Sony was on the top of the world with it. The first Walkmans were blue, and far larger than the cassette they were meant to play.  I cannot tell you enough how cool it was to have “auto-reverse” on a portable device.

We know over the years the evolution of the cassette player, and in fact, the cassette itself.  The same type of evolution is going to occur with Glass. They are so huge and clunky now – but give them 15 to 20 years and I doubt you will even recognize it’s former iteration.

Glasshole is word produced out of being an asshole while wearing google Glasses – hence glasshole. I have read quite a bit about people thinking that Glass is weird and strange. How Counties are trying to ban them. How people are getting kicked-out of establishments for wearing them.  I think it’s nonsense.

People that are making a fuss out of Glass are the same people that made a fuss out of digital cameras replacing film, the lack of warmth in audio CDs, and the list goes on.  It would be safe to put money on that those that are objecting to Glass the loudest are post 30 years old, and more likely post 40 years old.  Some people just have a real disdain for changes and tech in general.

Don’t worry, you’ll never be a glasshole in my book.