Apple Reveals

Today Apple revealed its new iPhone and Apple Watch.  The first thing that struck me, despite all the hoopla over it, was the fact that the Apple Watch was named just that: Apple Watch.  It wasn’t iWatch.

What this tells me is that Apple is now starting to move away from the “i” branding (ie iphone). Why?  It is Jobs’ legacy. The people over at Apple don’t want the “i” moving forward on new products.  I would suspect that the long awaited iTV, is going to be called Apple Television instead.

The second thing was that both of their product offerings are suspiciously bland.  The iPhone 6 now can easily be mistaken for a Samsung, or any other of a half-dozen other manufacturers. That is going to disappoint a lot of people. The Apple Watch was nothing like I envisioned.  I was expecting some serious ground breaking design – but there was none to be had.   It seems more attention was paid to the straps for the watch than the watch.  It also looks extremely chunky. Sure, they moved ahead on the software / technology side with things like the vibrating language, and health aspects – but that design leaves a lot to be desired.  People will inevitably buy it – but will they want it?

Overall, not a strong showing from Apple.  The Samsung Edge has presented more design and hardware innovation than apple has this time a’round.  Not a fan of Apple at the moment.