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I spend a lot of time on the internet, reading, researching, and trying to get a grasp of where we are headed. Here are my random thoughts about all things internet, tech, trends, industry news and more.

Finer points of Wordpress

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Nokia brand will disappear

Microsoft executives have decided to discontinue using the Nokia moniker for forthcoming smartphones. There is no set date for the discontinuing of Nokia as a smartphone brand, but it is in the pipeline. This is a huge mistake. Nokia has spent the last dozen years building its brand. In Asia and Europe, it is still […]


Glassholes among us

Google’s Glass has a lot of potential. It can fundamentally change a lot in how we see the world, interact with it, and learn from it. I equate it kind of to the first Walkman that came out. Those that aren’t old enough won’t know the sensation they caused. Sony was on the top of […]


Responsive websites

“Responsive” remains a major keyword going into 2015. Estimates are that nearly 2 billion Smartphones will be in use by the first part of 2015, with over 85% of them used to browse the web.  What does that mean? It means that a web page has to perform just as well on a smartphone as […]


Spotless cars

Came across some news today that may make the automotive detailing industry, and the car wash industry lose some sleep. It turns out that paint manufactures are improving upon automotive paint to the point where it doesn’t require cleaning nearly as often as today’s paint jobs. It appears to be pretty remarkable stuff. In the […]


Is facebook confused or genius?

Facebook has struggled to innovate. At this particular time, their strategy appears to be to buy their way into innovation. Recent acquisitions like whatsapp and others strengthens this argument. In a recent keynote speech, the company indicated that in the future there will be less “in your face” branding by facebook, and that their products/services […]


The selfie camera from hell

Samsung released a new smartphone that integrates many aspects from its camera line.  These types of smartphones are dubbed “camera specialized.”  It’s packing a 20.7 meg camera, and it comes with a retractable optical zoom lens. I can only imagine carrying that thing in your front pocket, accidentally hitting the camera button – instantly having […]