Nokia brand will disappear

Microsoft executives have decided to discontinue using the Nokia moniker for forthcoming smartphones. There is no set date for the discontinuing of Nokia as a smartphone brand, but it is in the pipeline.

This is a huge mistake.

Nokia has spent the last dozen years building its brand. In Asia and Europe, it is still widely popular and continues to have a good reputation. Microsoft, on the other-hand, doesn’t enjoy the same.  Why Microsoft execs believe that some new brand is going to sell better than the Nokia brand is beyond me.  Their smartphones won’t be branded Microsoft. They have indicated that it will be an entirely new brand.

Of course everyone is going to correlate it back to Microsoft – so what’s really the point? It is more than likely an attempt try to distance the MS brand and the negative reputation that it has from their smartphone division for those unknowing buyers.

I smell real trouble for MS/Nokias new brand and predict that it is going to do far less in sales than if they were to keep the Nokia brand and move forward with it.